The 1stOnly Talent®’s program of specialized events was developed in order to foster the contact between professionals of different areas, deepening the knowledge that the manager must possess to improve the performance of the projects.

Especially for historical reasons, project control, execution, team management and risk are some of the specific areas of management we have been addressing. But also in the area of agile methodologies, organizational maturity, portfolios management and programs, 1stOnly Talent® has been leading in the innovation and delivery of these advanced contents in Portuguese and in English Languages.

We have tried to value associativism in these events, seeking that the participants who are members of PMI Portugal Chapter and/or APOGEP have special conditions for their participation.

With a panel of distinguished international guests, the realization of these workshops and seminars aims to develop and train, the technical skills, but also enhancing the soft skills, which today are essential elements for the consistent growth of all those involved in the area of general management And projects in particular. We also try to ensure that a strategic dimension is present, thus enhancing the full application of the concepts defended by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in its “Talent Triangle”; One of the innovations for obtaining and maintaining project management certifications.

The events we bring to the market are driven by innovation and we expect them to revolutionize the way projects contribute to the development and consolidation of organizations.

Click on the images to learn more about each of the events we have already done and see the “Special Events” menu or the “News” to see the new events that we will produce in the coming months.