Course “Leadership and Team Motivation” – 2nd Edition

This course was designed to provide answers to the new challenges of the leaders, training them so that they can, by increasing the trust, respect and commitment of the teams lead them to excellence, maximizing results and enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

:: Improve Leadership skills
:: Increase the capacity of leaders at the level of Emotional Intelligence
:: Set goals effectively and efficiently
:: Recognize the importance of constructive feedback
:: Adopt Coaching techniques in the workplace
:: Reconciling Leadership skills with management skills

Directors, team leaders, senior managers, middle managers and all those wishing to develop skills to pursue leadership roles and motivation of work teams.


8 hours (presential)
Saturday: 9am – 1pm /2pm – 6pm (lunch included)

October 17
: October 24

Lisbon and Porto

Early Bird
190 € + iva (until September 30)

290 € + iva (until October 10)

> Full payment when registering
> 1stOnly Talent® reserves itself the right not to start training in scheduled dates if there is a minimum of trainees, in which case, the full amounts paid will be returned.

Supporting documentation (templates, activities and exercises)

How it works

The course is presential and will use exhibitional, active and experiential methods, resorting to the use of educational games and group dynamics.


PS1 (8 hours)

What is Leadership | Settings | Freedom and Action Power | Natural Laws | 4 Ways of Intelligence (rational, physical, emotional and spiritual) | Vision, Mission and Values | The Johari Window | Feedback 360º| Emotional Intelligence | Personal Skills | Social Skills | Attitude Types | Managing vs. Leading | Leadership Styles | Skills and Management | Empowerment | Coaching | Reconciling Roles | Valued Qualities in Leader | Leader Credibility Factors

(PS–Presential Session)

Instructor (s)

Fernando Freitas Torre
Independent consultant and specialized trainer in behavioral areas in 1stOnly Talent®, Fernando Torre has over 20 years of experience in business management in companies from distinct areas, where he held funtions in direction and administration.
He is certified by the International School of Professional Coaching, in the area of human development, as Coach and Coach Trainer and he also holds a NLP Certification – License Practitioner, awarded by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Fernando Torre has a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto, a graduate degree in Taxation from ISAG, a graduate degree in Management of Construction Industry from Porto Business School, the School of Business from University of Porto, and he is a professor of higher education at School of Economics and Management (ISEG) of Lisbon.