Course “Coaching for Excellence”

The need to develop soft skills, felt by all those who manage talent, especially in areas of leadership, communication and management of emotions, has in training based on the philosophy of coaching the best way to enhance the work of those professionals, making them more aware of themselves and of those around them.
This course allows the development of self-knowledge, promotes emotional intelligence and provides the necessary basis so that all participants can evolve in these areas. Former participants say that after this course nothing is as it was…

:: Provide students the recognition of the importance of emotions management in their professional and personal life, establishing itself as a source of influence, inspiration and positive impact on others
:: Provide students the use of methods and coaching techniques that enable them to improve communication and interpersonal relationships
:: Promote understanding and transforming of limiting beliefs in potentiating beliefs
:: Introduce to students NLP techniques that, along with Coaching, will improve their self-knowledge and their personal development.

:: Entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, business executives, project managers and project team members who wish to incorporate techniques and tools of personal and professional development in work teams
:: Those who intend to begin the practice of Coaching and invest in their personal development and developing others


24 hours – Presential
Friday: 7pm to 11 pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm / 3pm to 7pm (dynamic lunch included – 1pm to 3pm)

June 26 and 27, July 3 and 4
July 10, 11, 17 and 18

Hotel to designate in the center of Lisbon and Porto, according to the number of subscriptions.

Early Bird
390€ + IVA (until June 6)

690€ + IVA

> Payment can be done in two instalments: first when registering; second until half the course (July 9 and 14, Lisbon and Oporto respectively)
> At the indicated value added IVA at the legal rate
> 1stOnly Talent® reserves itself the right not to start training in scheduled dates if there is a minimum of trainees, in which case, the full amounts paid will be returned

Supporting documentation (templates, activities and exercises)

How it works

The course takes place in post working hours with sessions on Friday, from 7am to 11 pm, and Saturday, from 9am to 7pm. During the sessions, the participants will have opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and put it into practice through participation in personal reflection activities (Self Coaching) and conducting role-plays where they will assume roles of coach, coachee and observer.


PS1 (Friday, 4 hours)
The Importance
of Emotions
Presentation and Course Objectives | Alignment of Expectations | Coaching as Emotional Intelligence Development Factor | Emotional Intelligence and Daniel Goleman’s model | Emotions Consciousness | Self-control | Social Consciousness | Relationship Management

PS2 (Friday, 4 hours)
coaching, the coach and the coachee
Definition of Coaching | Origins, Philosophy and Essence of Coaching | Coaching’s Personal and Organizational Advantages | Approaches in Coaching | Assumptions of Coaching | Coaching vs. Other Processes | Coach’s Profile and its Role | Coachee’s Role | Coach’s Personal and Professional Skills | Ethical Principles of Coaching | Coaching Model | Coaching Language | Relationship Partnership

Coaching Internal Tools
Active Listening | Calibration | Rapport | Coaching’s Secret: The Art of Asking Questions | FAST Model – Focus, Action, Solution and Time | CRA Model – Awareness, Responsibility and Action

PS 3 (Friday, 4 hours)
External Tools Coaching

Assessment Tools | Practical Applications of Wheel of Life and Other Wheels | Analysis Tools and Grills | Options and Strategies Assessment | Feedback in Coaching | Goals and Objectives Specifications | Principles and Models of Objectives Definition | Objectives and Values | Importance of Values | Values Star | Power of Beliefs | Limiting Beliefs | PAW Model | Role Play (coaching session)

PS 4 (Saturday, 8 hours)
Introducing NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Definition, Fundamentals, History and Development of NLP | NLP Assumptions | NLP as a Coaching Tool | Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic Representation Channels | NLP Techniques

The Coach Leader
Mission, Vision and Personal Values Alignment with the Organization | Commitment to the team | The leader of the future: Coach Leader

Instructor (s)

Fernando Freitas Torre
Independent consultant and specialized trainer in behavioral areas in 1stOnly Talent®, Fernando Torre has over 20 years of experience in business management in companies from distinct areas, where he held functions in direction and administration.
He is certified by the International School of Professional Coaching, in the area of human development, as Coach and Coach Trainer and he also holds a NLP Certification – License Practitioner, awarded by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Fernando Torre has a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto, a graduate degree in Taxation from ISAG, a graduate degree in Management of Construction Industry from Porto Business School, the School of Business from University of Porto, and he is a professor of higher education at School of Economics and Management (ISEG) of Lisbon.