Intensive Balanced Scorecard Course


This course was designed in a way that allows the acquirement, the update, and the improvement of methodological skills necessary to the construction and implementation of systems of strategy management, based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Methodologies that allow the description of the business considering the strategy, the construction of strategic maps and the selection e evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI’s), with the objective of communicating a mission and strategy.


:: Presenting to the participants the BSC methodology while managing system and organizational performance measurement
:: Endue the participants in necessary knowledge to the construction of multidimensional   management panels and to the correct selection of key performance indicators (KPI’s)
:: Provide operational exercises of a nosiness strategy supported, using a practical case and specific software.



:: Person responsible in the fields of strategy management, strategy planning and management control
:: Professionals in managing fields in general



Presential sessions: Saturday [9am -1pm; 2pm – 6pm]
E-learning sessions: Tuesday and Thursday [7pm – 10pm]



3,6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29, 30 and 31 of October.

Lisbon and Oporto

Early Bird
790 € + iva (till 4 de September)

1190 € + iva


>Possibility of payment in two benefits (the first with inscription, and second till 16/10)
>The indicated value will be added the IVA to the legal taxes operative
1stOnly Talent® reserves the right to cancel the event if there isn’t a minimum of participants, in that case the value that were already payed will be refunded.


O curso funciona num novo modelo de preparação pedagógica, bastante flexível e interativo, em formato B-learning e assente numa lógica modular em que serão potenciadas as intervenções de cada formando ao longo de três sessões presencias e oito sessões em e-learning. Todas as sessões decorrem em horário pós-laboral, as presenciais aos sábados e as assíncronas às terças e quintas-feiras, das 19h às 22h.


Presentation of trainers and trainees | framework and presentation of the course | Importance of Strategic Management | Balanced Scorecard methodology | Presentation and group reading of the case study

EL1, EL2, EL3, EL4, EL5, EL6, EL7 and EL8 (3h each) The Balanced Scorecard and Organizational Performance
 BSC methodology | BSC benefits | BSC limitations | BSC and decision taking | The BSC and strategy management | Mission | Vision | Strategy | Activity in the light of strategy (critical factors of success, relation cause-effect) | Strategic Map | Mediation of activity and strategy | The BSC and the choice of indicators | Management Panel |  Strategic goals and initiative (action plan) | Evaluation of performance and management (operational and strategic) | Mediation | Monitorization | Analyses | Adaption | Translating of the strategy in action | Accountability and team work | Rewards and team work | Management of change

SP2(8h)Practical Balanced Scorecard – Resolution of case study I
Revision of the case study | Implementation of BSC | Definition of strategy decision | Strategic map elaboration | Indicators choice | Mediation | Monitorization | Analysis | Adaptation

SP3(8h) Practical Balanced Scorecard – Resolution of case study II
Case study II | Implementation of BSC | Definition of strategy decision | Strategic map elaboration | Indicators choice | Mediation | Monitorization | Analysis | Adaptation

[SP- Presential Session; EL – E-Learning session]


Trainers with significant experience in practical implementation of the methodology in business and training environment.