Opposing to the economist vision and normalization as a productive factor, 1stOnly Talent® believes that people management impacts in a development more humanistic and including, based on promotion of human capital and his talent as a competitive factor of organization and people.

1stOnly Talent® takes on as a mission promoting development and strategic appreciation of talents, especially in fields where it exists a necessity of development of qualified people with knowledge in recent techniques and tools that should be used.

Through our team, with high experience in several training areas, particularly in organizational management, specialized in marketing and project management. We do this not just in technical knowledge but also with strong emphasis in behavioral field.

We are, above all, on company of consulting, training, innovation and management of people specialized in management.   

1stOnly Talent® knows that it can only help people and organization by having the knowledge and the ability of developing, personalize and applying to specific cases. That’s why it has a versatile team, multifaceted, disciplined and demanding of her own with skills acknowledge worldwide and a strategy of partnerships and sharing of the highest level of knowledge internationally.    

Our proposition of value for our client goes by the development of internal management methodologies, by the implementation of agile processing more related with business management and by the development of organizational talents: improvement in managing skills, leadership, negotiation and concretion in action and specific project of senior managers and intermediary is essential for the organization to adapt to new realities, environmental and thrive.

To deliver so ambitious results to our clients, 1stOnly Talent®, actively participates in the most significant international network of knowledge, having permanent access, and establishing partnership with the best specialists worldwide, that allow us create and provide innovating services and solutions, in line with the best practices and standards of the market.    

Between the networks that we are inserted, it’s important to refer the PMI (Project Management Institute), IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), Scrum Alliance, Change Management Institute and Behavioral Coaching Institute that are organizations responsible for the development and publication of international standards and certification of professionals in project management, business analyses and agile methodologies, managing change and coaching.

Base on the experience of your team and in preparation of your employees, it is established on partnership model with the clients, that allows to insure the evolution of your management process and promoting organizational change and success in future business.

We support specially all the ones that intend to gain recognized professional certification recognized and performance, as well as all the organizations that wish, more than managing resources ensure sustainability and business success by development of its employees as sources of innovation, changing and organizational improvement.



The 1stOnly Talent® detains a series of certifications e our employees and senior consulting are all certificated on the area of action.


Where are we

The 1stOnly Talent® is present all over the world, mostly in countries of Portuguese expression but also in London and New York. We have action takin place in Lisbon, Oporto, Luanda, London, New York and Belém do Pará.

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 Rua Visconde de Santarém nº 75B 
1000-286 Lisboa - Portugal

R. do Niassa, 133 - Sala 1
4250-331 Porto - Portugal

Belgrave Square
London - United Kingdom

Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré
Maputo - Moçambique

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