Skills and Performance Evaluation
1st Only Talent® designed a skills and performance evaluation system based on the concepts of “360-degree assessment” but simplifying procedures and allowing participants to have an integrated vision of the system they are feeding.
1st Only Talent® consultants actively participate and validate the consistency of the data collected before their treatment. The employee can be evaluated by their peers, superiors, subordinates, internal customers and, considering its own evaluation and the evaluation of external customers, the skills are perceived in order to achieve individual development of each employee.
The model was adapted so that it can be used in project environment and cross heads. The performance is also evaluated not only in individual expectations but taking into account the objectives and the cultural development and intended business for the organization.
The assessment tools we apply, are considered not only the behavioral and technical skills required for the functions of the organization but also its development. The evaluation dimensions are the behavioral skills, technical skills, results and alignment of responsibilities.
1st Only Talent® is an expert in talent development, aligning that development to the actual needs of our customers.