The implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) is essential to increase the maturity of the organization. Mature organizations are the most competitive: those that keep their customers, deepen the relationship with markets in which they operate and consolidate their businesses.
Implementing a PMO is an instrument to increase standardization, visibility of the projects, to better allocate resources to activities, to improve the monitoring of the implementation and its efforts and to better manage risks and stakeholders. A PMO allows you to have clearer roles and responsibilities and is the way to establish owners of things in a transverse structure.
The strategic PMO’s allow the aligning of projects and programs with medium and long-term objectives of organizations, facilitating project portfolio optimization.
1st Only Talent® supports creation and development of PMOs and, often, their reorientation to deliver value to the organization. This work involves assessing people, tools and processes and suggest additional and processing elements required to realign expectations and knowledge of the PMO.
Systematization of processes, consolidation of organizational knowledge and company development, according to its objectives, are essential elements in the organizational design that redirects the PMOs to their actual functions and in accordance with the actual needs integrated.
The intervention methodology that we have developed over more than thirty intervention projects is based on the assessment of the current state, the (re) definition of the charter of the PMO, in full support of ensuring the executive management, the construction of the “Business Case” with detailed explanation of the value gain on the (re) organization of the PMO, in its adoption, organizational implementation, evaluation and final transfer to the organization.
Projects are typically short and quick results, if properly backed and supported by top management and after the “Business Case” be approved. Structure changes are approached in practices of resources techniques and in business alignment.