Earned Value Management systems (EVM) is a common contractual requirement for any project of an organ of the US federal government.
Require the use of an EVM system is an indispensable approach in organizations that manage multiple large projects because it is the only tool that reduces all data from various projects to a common denominator which provides a comparable system designs and its results.
The implementation of an EVM system requires significant effort and dedication, therefore inherently greatly increases the level of functions and project monitoring requirements. The level of discipline and commitment among those who hire and who delivers happens to be absolute and complete trust and transparency, as with the EVM everything that goes wrong in a project stands out.
Based on the profound experience of 1st Only Talent® consultants and in lessons learned in implementation in the most dynamic national companies, we have been implementing, with great success due to the good performance in time and impact, one methodology approach to improve EVM systems that has allowed more quickly and effective implementation and results.
As with any new concept or tool, it all depends on how the system is implemented. The initial planning can mean the difference between success and failure and let us know how the implementation will take place and the potential problems in each information system used, leading to a huge perception of impacts and points that are critical success factors.
The intervention methodology is based on a step system that consolidates information and what was earned before passing phase.