Change Management and Organizational Transformation

Organizational change is a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented successfully and that lead to achieve lasting benefits.
Globalization and the constant technological innovation are inducing a business environment is constantly evolving and influenced by many variables. Instruments, tools, processes, concrete business and the necessary relative prioritization of related activities makes the change management and organizational transformation essential for organizations to be and continue to be present in their markets and customers.
The evolution of social networks, communication and advertising new tools and the evolution of markets and consumers itself have revolutionized business.
Technological development means that the information is no longer a privilege and therefore competitive advantages of the past are now more localized capabilities than real advantages which obligates organizations to keep their “stakeholders” well and quickly informed.
The quickly and effective organizational change is very complex to manage. Even companies where change is permanent and are very familiar with change management processes feel the need to organize their organizational transformation project using the practices and the knowledge of 1st Only Talent® consultants.
Several cases where we work are examples of excellent cost / result relations in our customers.

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The proprietary methodology we use is based on the evaluation of the organization and its ability and resistance to change in sponsorship of establishment at the highest level in a valuation model of capabilities and culture, determining the desirable future state and development of concrete plan to be able to achieve the goals.